About Us

HOAHelper.net is a product developed by Johnson Software Solutions, Inc.


Johnson Software Solutions, Inc. is a full service web development company.  We specialize in custom web and mobile application development.  Taking your idea from concept to production is what we do.


We have successfully developed applications for businesses in the retail, finance, insurance, manufacturing, real-estate, and auction industries, to name a few.  In addition to our successful track record in helping businesses succeed, we have also developed applications for political, educational, and business organizations.  Helping both businesses and organizations succeed is something we are very proud of.



Who We Are:

Christopher Johnson, Co-founder of Johnson Software Solutions, Inc.


Chris Johnson has been working as a Software Engineer for the past 14 years. Chris also works as a Software Architect and Software Development Manager.


Chris is also the President of his local Homeowners Association, which consists of 100+ units. Prior to his role as President he was the Secretary of the Association. Over the years, Chris found the best way to help manage an Association is to address issues quickly and provide clear information to fellow homeowners. Communication, transparency, clear information, and the building of trust is key to a successful homeowners association. This is the reason HOAHelper.net exists.





Christine Johnson, co-founder of Johnson Software Solutions, Inc.


Christine Johnson is an Engineer. She has been working as a Software Engineer for the past seven years. Prior to her work as a Software Engineer, Christine was working as an Electrical Engineer for Massachusetts Electric (Now National Grid) and EMC.


In addition to her work as an engineer, Christine brings a wealth of practical knowledge which has helped develop the HOAHelper.net web application. Through the years Christine has served as a treasurer for local non-profit, she has developed educational web applications to better communicate information to parents. Christine has also developed (pro-bono) a home owner association website that has drastically improved the information sharing and decision making of her home owners association.